Perth Electrician Helps Elderly Couple

Being a skilled worker either in your home country or in overseas, you are able to meet all sorts of clients from the friendly ones up to the cranky ones whom you still need to serve because they hired you and you agreed to accept whatever work they would ask from you the very moment you decided to accept them as a client and walked in their home or office. Even though there are a few unfortunate instances when it appears that the customers are horribly wrong, the customers are always right precisely because of the mere fact that they are the ones paying and it’s not right that you argue with paying customers because regardless of the reason for the argument, arguing with customers will ruin your reputation as a skilled worker. And, we all know how hard it is to maintain a clean reputation nowadays given the already tight competition. One simple mistake and your reputation smashes to the ground. It’s the same when you are a Perth electrician whose main specialization includes designing, installing and, maintaining all sorts of electrical systems which run mainly on electricity for both industrial and residential areas. And, electricians are among the richest workers in Australia because of the fact that they are among the most in-demand workers around the world alongside the licensed plumbers.


Just last February of 2017, a Perth electrician answered a call from an elderly couple who was struggling to keep themselves cool due to the then scorching heat which reached 40 degrees Celsius. Couple Joe and Mary, 91 and 89 respectively, had been wanting to have their air conditioning system fixed after it clapped down a week before an electrician named Bill Skourtis came to their rescue via a special order which was made on a very short notice. Mr. Skourtis needed time to gather all the needed part to have the air conditioning system of the said couple fixed. Then, he needed to climb up to the roof where the job was needed to be done. According to Mr. Skourtis, helping the elderly couple with their air conditioning unit was the most important job he needed to get done that specific day because he had two aging individuals who are desperate to feel a little cooler.

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