How Pinterest Helps Home Decorators And Designers

Erin Treat is a resident of Durango and she admits that she is a frequent traveler. Whenever she wanted to have a remodeling project for her home, she finds it hard to squeeze in time to meet with decorators or choose among the list of vendors.

That is now a past issue, thanks to Pinterest. Treat shared that she now able to easily coordinate with her designers such as choosing the kitchen lights or picking out the floor tiling. She is constantly sharing pins with her designer Sheryl Lock who is a partner at the Handcrafted House located also in Durango.

Treat revealed that in Durango, they do not have much option when it comes to designs and their access to various vendors is very limited. With Pinterest, they are now able to search for the design they like and it is also a good medium of communication between her and the designer.

Pinterest was introduced to web users seven years back. Ever since, the site which is dedicated for image sharing alone has been used as a machine to create more ideas, it is a place where online users can hang out and kill some time and it has also proven to be a very effective tool for business people.

According to the co-owner of Mexican Tile Designs based in Bayfield, Jenny Wrenn, their business has been operating online 90 per cent of the time and only 10 per cent is done locally. She also shared how Pinterest has helped her and her partner in operating their business for more than three years already. Customers are able to find them through Pinterest and 20 per cent of their entire web traffic is because of the image sharing site. Wrenn admitted that while there is still revenue coming from Facebook and Instagram, it is very little compared to Pinterest.

All over Durango, many Pinterest users are suppliers of home improvement products, interior designers and decorators. They have found the website to be a helpful medium between the client and designer and it has revolutionized the way planning is done. If you are looking for a decorator in Reading, contact BD Decorators.

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