Plans For The Upcoming Campus For Bristol University To Be Unveiled

The plans for the new campus of the University of Bristol have been updated. The campus is worth $300 million and it will be constructed at the centre of the regeneration of the Temple Quarter. The management is planning to unveil the display this month of September.

The institutions re-imagination is thought by many as once in a lifetime especially considering the role it plays in the city. Last June, the University revealed the early blueprints created which includes a new village for the students, a centre for teaching and research to be built where the sorting office for Royal Mail used to stand. It is expected that the campus will have top landscaping contractors in the area such as the Greenside Landscaping Bristol.

Many have voiced their concerns regarding the resulting damage that is brought about by the fast expansion of the universities within the city and it could worsen the existing housing crisis. The concerns are voiced despite the assurance that sustainable solution will be employed during the expansion.

yOrpen, the deputy vice chancellor of the university, attended the council meeting held at the City Hall. He heard the debate regarding the issue and defended the expansion which will have various benefits to the city such as social, economic and cultural. He also promised that he will work hand-in-hand with the communities s they are making the plans.

At the current stage, they are trying to integrate to the planning application the buildings’ scale and their density. They are also taking into consideration the accessibility of the site. Bosses from the university disclosed that they have already received the feedback of the public and they are considering those as they are making their plans.

They are updating the plan based on the input supplied by the public and a transport assessment was already conducted on the site to check the car parking, impact of the construction and how transport is being managed.

The expansion helps local businesses as they provide employment and contracts including those companies in the landscaping industry. Companies such as Greenside Landscaping Bristol will be more likely hired by homeowners as they see the effect of landscaping in the beautification of a property.

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