Prime Time – A One-Of-A-Kind Pop Art Project WithPrime Ministers As The Subject

No task can be more difficult than creating a one-of-a-kind portrait of sCanada’s prime minister in a unique and highly unusual way to celebrate the 150th birthday of the country and yet Cuban-born artist Julio Ferrer believed it was an honour to be chosen as one of the artists for the art project “Prime Time.”

Ferrer was certainly amazed with the way his career is going because when he became a Canadian, he read so many good things about Canada. He was selected to make a pop art portrait of Dr. Bill Benson because the doctor immediately noticed his talent.

According to Ferrer, Canada opened a new perspective and by travelling, he learned more about the landscape which increased his passion for pop art. Ferrer first settled in Hamilton, Ontario after moving to the country from Cienfuego, Cuba. After a decade, he became a Canadian citizen.

Ferrer is more known for his pop art political style that combines Canadian consumerism with Canadian iconography. He also became known for silkscreen techniques along with the use of oil in painting Cuban cars and images of the historical Hamilton. However, for the Prime time project, he has to draw inspiration from black and white photographs of the prime ministers.

Ferrer also shared with CTV News that the most challenging part was deciding what colours to use in painting the Canadian prime minister when he doesn’t even know the colour of his hair. Nevertheless, this is pop art and he can always improvise. He hopes that Prime Minster Justin Trudeau will come and visit Prime Time which is on display at the Government House in Fredericton until September.

The pop art exhibits will allow the public to view Ferrer’s artistic rendition of Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau including his improvised painting of Sir Robert Borden with a blue moustache and John Diefenbaker with white hair.

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