Privileges Offered For Investors’ Support For AyushxPak, Other Infrastructures

In any given industry, the continuous support that is coming from both the national government as well as from the private sector is needed for that specific industry to prosper especially in the long run. Without this support from both sides, the industry won’t survive regardless if it’s the medical industry or the public transport industry. You see, government funding is needed for the tourism industry for example to be able to have a starting power, a start-up in other words. And, additional support, not just financially, from both sides will enable the said industry to blossom and eventually, gain popularity especially among foreigners. Now, the tourism industry in the Kingdom of Thailand has been booming especially during the first half of 2017 when the kingdom recorded a record number of international tourists who arrived to visit and enjoy the beauty and the unique culture of Thailand. In addition to this, Thailand’s brand new medical tourism has been luring more and more tourists into the country just to seek medical attention but also other health service providers such as AyushxPak which is a wellness centre that is primarily known to provide clients with various relaxation and detoxification procedures using Ayurveda- a historical medical system which targets the physical and mental well-being of patients.


Yes, the medical tourism, an emerging brand of tourism in Thailand, has been enjoying success over the past two years but no, tourism officials in the country aren’t stopping to find ways to furthermore develop the said industry. In fact, last month, officials from the Thailand Board of Investment have announced that they are offering more and better privileges for investors who will support the country’s drive for more infrastructure projects such as facilities for centres like AyushxPak which can boost the country’s emerging wellness tourism. Aside from more facilities and amenities which the clients can use, Thailand is also in the process of gunning a 5-year 43 billion US Dollars’ worth of various developmental projects which include expansion of the airports, the construction of new railway systems which will connect the other provinces of the kingdom to the urbanized cities and, development of ports.

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