Rain Will Not Stop Landscaping Project In Carleton

A good landscape is important during the summer season as evident by the importance given to it by Culpeper landscaping schools. The same importance is given to it by Carleton University as they decided to allot a budget for the landscaping work despite the fact that the project has been delayed a number of times due to the record rainfall that is currently affecting the summer season of Ottawa.

In a statement given by the director of maintenance services in Carleton, Kevin Gallinger, the yearly budget for landscaping this summer is $40,000 and it will be used to purchase tools, flowers, shrubs, trees, fertilizers and miscellaneous items needed. The budget will not cover the costs of the labor.

According to Gallinger, Carleton decided to change their landscaping contractor back in November of 2016 and they are now doing business with Cedar Springs Limited. Their previous contractor was Greenbelt but they decided to end the contract. He explained that 50 per cent of the landscaping work within the campus will be shouldered by Cedar Springs while the students of the university will be contributing about $66,000 for the labor costs.

Gallinger explained about their decision to change contractors and he said that Carleton’s purchasing policy mandates them that they should patronize the public.

The landscaping work for this summer inside the university will include the quad located at the back of the Mackenzie building, the major pedestrian pathways, residential establishments and the most recent building for the Health Sciences.

He also said that there have been delays in cutting the grasses and planting the flowerbeds because of the heavy rainfall. They can only work a day or two after the heavy rain.

They are happy that the drainage system in the campus is efficient thus majority of the water have already disappeared by the end of the rain. Their work will depend on the volume of rain as well as the number of consecutive days it came.

It was revealed that the rainfall record was broken in Ottawa for both months of May and July while June received the most rain in almost twenty years. Despite this, landscaping work will continue which is only proof that landscape plays an important role thus Culpeper landscaping in Virginia offers training to those who are interested.

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