How To Receive A Drain Cleaner At Home

If you have already scheduled a visit from Fresh Flo Blocked Drains, Berkshire, the next thing for you to do is prepare for the actual drain cleaning or pipe fixing. If this would be your first time to receive a drain cleaner at home, it would be best to observe some precautions especially that you would be receiving a stranger at home. Here are some tips:

  • Before the scheduled date, free the area where the drain cleaner will work. Remove the clutters and other obstructions that might hinder an easy job performance. Drain cleaning can be a messy job. Keep your kids and pets away from the sight to keep them from getting exposed to germs.
  • Before you let the drain cleaner into your property. Ask for identification. He should have company identification with him including a job order from the company. Borrow his identification card and call the company to validate his identity. If the company affirms that the drain cleaner is indeed their employee, that would be the time for you to let the plumber in.
  • Guide the drain cleaner right where the drain problem is. Do not allow him to wander on his own for security reasons. Although reputable companies such as Fresh Flo Blocked Drains, Berkshire only hire trustworthy plumbers, you never know when good people turn bad.
  • Keep your valuables in a locked room. Do not expose the drain cleaner to your wallets, electronic gadgets, watches and other costly items. If he must be in your room, see to it that you can see him as he works and he can see your presence. This will deter him from doing any untoward acts.
  • Keep a safe distance so the drain cleaner can concentrate and work peacefully. Avoid unnecessary talks that would disrupt his concentration. At the same time, be within a close distance so he can easily ask you for relevant questions.
  • When the job is done, try pouring water into the drain to see if the Fresh Flo Blocked Drains, Berkshire was successful. Thank the drain cleaner and pay the bill.

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