Removalists In Melbourne Pose For Calendar As Campaign Against Domestic Violence

One of the booming businesses in Australia is the removals and storage in Sydney and a group of them have decided to start a campaign against domestic violence. They came together in order to create a calendar that will help them raise funds to pay for services to victims of domestic violence. They have been made aware of the severe cases of domestic violence in the country after they have been exposed to it through the nature of their work.

Harriet Stewart is one of the organizers of the calendar campaign and he said that the project was an effort made by men in order to increase the public’s awareness regarding the problem that continues to take the life of two women weekly.

According to Ms. Stewart, her partner was also included in the calendar photo shoot. The aim of this project is to show that being masculine does not automatically mean being violent.

The goal of the campaign is to feature men are also aware of the ongoing problem in the community and that it should not only be the women who should be concerned about it.

The project also wants to encourage a higher level of social understanding from both sexes and to show that men are supporting the women in their goal to eradicate domestic violence in the country.

Ms. Stewart also explained that the calendar will show that those who are least expected to help are also willing to speak out about the issue, in this case men who are into the removalists business.

She said that most of the time these are firemen who are featured in such calendars but this time these are men who are doing unskilled labor which basically are in the working class. They can be considered as the unsung heroes in this care.

According to the owner of one of the removals and storage in Sydney, Ben Hallpike, the men who participated in the calendar photo shoot are those that consider themselves not so seriously but they surely take the matter of domestic violence as a serious case.

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