Rocky Point Foreseen To Have Infinity Pool Overseeing Lake


As Brent Couves and Karin Eger, Vice President and marketing directory respectively, takes a tour to the soon-to-be Rocky Point Neighborhood atop Wilden, they are mesmerized by the scenery and was full of ideas about the place. Karin excitedly shared and pointed out a place atop the Rocky Point where she could fully see an infinity pool overseeing the Okanagan Lake whilst under the wing of a mansion-like house.

The marketing director, Karin, even explained that since it’s on a cliff, there’s definitely no one who would dare build a house that would hinder the great scenery that’s available to the place. She claimed that this is the very core that makes it perfect to be a place for an infinity pool to be set up. The scenery is all too perfect as well. With the vast blue skies towering above you and the blue, calm lake that flows below you, there’s definitely no better way to appreciate and revel on the beauty of nature in Wilden other than this.

The Rocky Point, is the most recently planned ’private’ neighborhood that will only give life to 83 buildings. Only three of the 83 building lots to be established will have a scenic view awaiting them. Aside from them, another 44 will be placed near the ledge of Rocky Point, still making it an ideal location to set up infinity pools.

Infinity pools, given all the possible costs, will tick at about $500,000, however, the exact price will be released on the late parts of July. If you’re super rich and can cash out that amount for the infinity pool alone, topping it up with a million-dollar mansion would definitely give you the best experience you could ever hope for.

With this assumptions in hand, you could have in your hands, a spacious, grand mansion atop the Rocky Point view, with a scenic, breathtaking view on the Lake while swimming on your infinity pool, only at a price range of $1.5 Million to $2 Million.

It is also said that the ‘Rocky Point’ is the premium lot in Wilden. Aside from this exclusive neighborhood, you could most definitely live in Wilden even under their inclusive neighborhoods that spans over 2,000 choices for you.

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