Rules Under Health And Safety Affecting Businesses

Almost two-thirds of the entire businesses located around the Hawke’s Bay are saying that they are having a hard time because of the complicated requirements when it comes to health and safety. Many of them have already hired a health & safety specialist. This is not only limited to the businesses around Hawke’s Bay but also all over the country. They do not completely understand the recent Health and Safety at Work Act despite the fact that this has been imposed over a year ago already.

According to Susan McDade, the general manager of Hastings City Business Association, she is fully aware that majority of the business are requiring help when it comes to understanding the requirements of the law. However, she clarified that there are a number of companies that offer the services of health & safety specialist along with their resources. These are targeted for businesses that require assistance in terms of health and safety regulations.

She added that it is recommended that businesses should hire someone who is an expert when it comes to the laws of health and safety.

Currently, the Hastings City Business Association is working some details on their website and they expect the site to be up and running in around two weeks. They have added a tool box for businesses as reference to health and safety information as well as provide available resources.

Securo, a company that specializes in health and safety, along with Omni Risk, have released an online audit tool in order to give emphasis on the red flags.

According to a consultant from Securo who is based in Hawke’s Bay, around two-thirds of the businesses in the area do not have a clue when it comes to the current performance of their health and safety system.

He added that there are businesses that are improving in line with the Health and Safety Act but there are also those who are not making much of an effort and the health & safety specialist fear that they might face substantial fines in the future or worse, jail time.

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