Russian Arrivals Up By 33%: Good News For A 4-Star Hotel In Patong

Thailand has been making noise in the tourism competition as of late. In fact, it has been able to record a record-smashing number of tourists who arrived throughout the country during the first six months of 2017. In fact, some of the major cities such as Bangkok have been included in the list of most-visited cities for the same period of time. In addition to this, the tourism industry in the Kingdom of Thailand has been able to generate billions’ worth of tourism-related revenues that can come from every service providers in the industry such as a 4-star hotel in Patong which can be a great choice of a hotel for vacationists who are planning to visit Patong in Phuket because of the awesome amenities which guests can avail during their stay. In relation to this, verified statistics has shown that vacationists in Thailand spent the highest amount of expenses during their respective vacation to the country. The success of the tourism in the kingdom is now being associated to Thailand’s tourism officials’ continuous work to come up with doable measures that can easily attract more and more tourists to come to the country so that they can see Thailand’s beauty and uniqueness by their very own eyes.

And speaking of the number of tourists arriving to Thailand, the number of Russian vacationists arriving to Thailand this year is expected to go up as high as 33%. This significant rise in the number of Russian visitors can be attributed to the mere fact that the Russian economy has been on the climb by recording a 0.3% economic growth at the end of 2016. In addition to this, the Russian Ruble is now stabilizing and is continuing to perform well against other world currencies including the Baht which allows Russians to be able to buy a higher amount of Baht which they can use for paying a nice accommodation at a 4-star hotel in Patong and other vacation expenses which may come along the way. It has been said that Russians will continue to visit Thailand despite strong competitions from Egypt who is planning to lift the ban of flights from Russia and, Turkey, the other favourite destination of Russian travellers.

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