Rust Belt Pride Shines In New Buffalo Illustrated Map

Mario Zucca, a Philadelphia-based illustrator, has a strong desire for both map making and Rust Belt cities, and these came together in his current work, an extremely detailed map illustration of the Buffalo area which showcases almost all points of the Buffalo pride conceivable.

Points found in the map

The Mighty Taco and Shark Girl are there, even including a 2,000 foot version of Tim Horton that extends across the Hotel Lafayette.

Flying Bison, Sahlen’s, Talking Leaves, Caz Park, the Broadway Market, Five Points Bakery, Community Beer Works, Lucky’s Texas Hots and the Edward M. Cotter fireboat are also there.

The Buffalo News building also makes its appearance, located between the Mazurek’s Bakery and the KeyBank which was recently renamed.

This is the fourth map in Zucca’s city-based map illustration series. He started around two years ago with his detailed map of Philadelphia. Then, the maps of Pittsburgh and Portland came after.

Zucca has works in publications such as the Newsweek, New York Magazine, The New York Times and the National Football League. He said that he picked Buffalo because he has an affinity for the rust belt cities, coming from Pittsburgh originally.

Zucca talking about inspiration, trademark style and more

He talked with The News regarding his inspiration for his project, trademark style and the reaction coming from people on his maps shown in Reddit.

When asked about the reason he set out to create the city-based map illustrations, he responded that he was inspired by an illustrator who did an illustrated map of Brooklyn. It was then he wanted to make one of Philadelphia in his own style. That illustrator’s map motivated him to create a map for Philly then Pittsburgh, Portland and Buffalo.

In his commission work, he does many busy and crowded scenes with many small narratives throughout, so he applies that similar mentality to his maps. He wants for his images to be between an attractive art piece and a map.

For his other city maps, there were positive feedback. The people on Reddit were the harshest critics, according to him. However, he already has many assignments which are map-related. For him, it wasn’t his intended result, but it is a pleasing side effect.

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