Salinda Phu Quoc Island Resort & Spa Opens To Travel Enthusiasts


When it comes to vacation rentals in Thailand, many options can be considered just by reading out online reviews done by the most popular and trusted travel sites. There are numerous islands in Thailand that may be considered as the main attractions of the country. A few of which are Ko Phi Phi, a small archipelago in the province of Krabi; Ko Chang, the third largest island in Thailand; and islands in the province of Phuket.

An addition to the island resorts that serve as the treasure of tourism in the kingdom of Thailand is one that recently opened – Salinda Phu Quoc Island Resort & Spa. It is considered to be the very first luxury resort in the island of Phu Quoc, located in the Gulf of Thailand, about ten minutes away from the international airport and a fairly short flight away from Saigon and Hanoi.

The place is said to present to tourists an ultra-contemporary architecture – a style that is defined by experts as constantly changing or not being limited to a specific style. The 121 deluxe rooms and villas featured in the island are said to represent strongly the concept of innovation and local traditions at the same time. Additionally, special presidential suites are also available.

What tourists usually look forward to experiencing are said to be offered by the island resort. Beautiful garden and ocean views, as well as a balcony to view all these from are said to be part of every room.
Asian countries had always been known by westerners for their traditional ritual healings. The other treasure of the island resort is the Salinda Spa, managed by the Guru Spa Thailand – one of the best known to offer treatments by herbal and holistic remedies deeply rooted in Thai and Viet philosophies.

When it comes to food, Thailand is widely known to offer one of the best rich varieties of flavors in the whole of Southeast Asia. It is for this reason that most western countries nowadays have Thai restaurants all over that are generally enjoyed by the locals. In the Salinda Phu Quoc Island Resort & Spa, the Salinda Restaurant, an open kitchen style, apart from serving the most favored dishes of Thailand, also offers a selection of contemporary international cuisine.

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