Season Of Fruit Picking In Bangkok Has Started

Once every midyear, the country of Thailand is celebrating their fruit season where everyone is able to enjoy a buffet of their favourite fruit. Food is one of the reasons why tourists flock to Thailand wherein one can experience everything from luxury seafood buffet in Bangkok to their popular street foods. The fruit picking festival is a new offering to the table because locals and guests will be able to enjoy fruits instead. During the picking season, they get to visit orchards and pluck fruits from the trees. This is also another way for the nation to celebrate the summer season.

In the eastern region of the country, there are various orchards that offer packages for a buffet experience. As of the moment, there are only limited numbers of orchards that offer organic fruits but the number is growing. Majority of them have fruit plants such as santol, durian, rakam or salacca, rambutan, longkong and mangosteen. The organic industry in the country is expanding thanks to the cooperation between organic fruit growers and the local organic farmers that are experts in organic farming.

PatayawadeeJangchaie is one of the owners of an organic farm located in the KhaoKitchakut district. The 56 years old farmer owns Chong Mu Haeng Organic Farm. She said that it was ten years ago when she started her passion for growing organic fruit trees. This is not as common as organic rice farming before thus her knowledge is very limited. For the first three years of farming, her methods are mostly trial and error to see what will work. She decided to do natural farming instead of using chemicals.

Her decision to go organic is because of her previous profession as a nurse where she witnessed a lot of people getting sick because of the toxins they have consumed over the years from chemically grown produce. She is now encouraging the locals as well as the tourists that visit her country to turn to organic food. While it is a good experience to be able to have a luxury seafood buffet in Bangkok, it is also the best time of the year to experience the organic fruit buffet they are offering as it also helps local farmers and growers like her.

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