Signs That The Air Ducts And Carpets Need Professional Cleaning

In Seattle, many residents follow “green” lifestyles. They use cleaning products that leave minimal traces of carbon footprints and does not cause allergies and respiratory problems. However, the problem is even the most diligent Seattle homeowner does not recognize when the air ducts and carpets need cleaning.

Many homes in the Seattle-area have pets and they invest in air conditioning systems to stay comfortable during the summer heat. Without proper air duct and carpet cleaning, the home runs the risk of accumulating and circulating dirty and unhealthy air that can be risky for those with allergies. Most homeowners also use the HVAC system that provides heat during winter and cool air during summer. The air ducts are in service throughout the year.

What are the signs that the home requires deep cleaning?

  • When you look closely at the carpets, you will notice black lines around the edge, matted fibres and visible stains. If the black lines are found in the perimeter or the edges where the carpet hits the doorways, this means that dirt is entering through gaps in the walls, underneath the doors and from broken screens. If the fibres are matted, it means soil build-up.
  • It is very likely that you clean regularly but still dust persists inside the home. This means that the air ducts and carpets need thorough cleaning. Another sign that the air ducts are dirty is the frequent need to change the air filters in the furnace due to accumulated dust.
  • Carpets and ducts often need to be professionally cleaned so that those who have allergies and respiratory problems will not be exposed to dust. Besides that, heavy stains on the carpet cannot be removed through DIY cleaning.
  • You can smell moulds on the carpet because there are moist areas that have become the breeding place for moulds. Only professional carpet cleaning will remove signs of moulds.

When choosing carpet cleaning in Perth, price must not be the deciding factor. It is important to determine whether the carpet cleaning provider offers quality cleaning service that complies with Australian standards. The cleaning products used must be environmentally friendly and effective.

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