Small Fortune Lost Due To Forgotten Valuables

A house move can be a chaotic moment especially if you don’t have a trusted moving company such as Wise Move Online. According to a study that was recently conducted among 2,000 homeowners, it was found out that 26 per cent of the movers pack and ends up forgetting something valuable to them. As a result, an average of £138.13 is lost by the homeowners.

Nationwide, the total amount of forgotten belongings have already been tallied to reach more than £493 million. Another revelation is that 12 per cent of the movers have experienced losing or breaking something with sentimental value while they are moving.

According to a spokesperson from the company that conducted the research, eBay, the entire moving process can be a hassle and it is not as easy task to pack everything you have accumulated over the years in a number cardboard boxes.

The study also showed that one in every four homeowners is using the so-called Caretaker approach during the process of packing up their belongings to filling the cardboard boxes coupled with careful planning in order to ensure that the move will be a smooth one.

Twelve per cent of the participants revealed that they have succumbed to procrastination when it comes to packing. They waited until the last minute before packing thus they have limited time as a result.

There are those that plan ahead, at least six months before the date of their relocation, and it comprises 20 per cent of the total participants while five per cent more admitted that they have already started filling theirboxes a month before they have to move away.

One in every eight participant admitted that they have waited a week before the moving day before they started packing theirbelongings.

Forty-nine per cent of movers get help from their partners in packing, 27 per cent are asking for help from their mothers while one-fourth of the participants decided to ask their father for help. It is important that in the process of moving, homeowners have a trusted company such as Wise Move Online that they can entrust their precious belongings.

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