Spy Wireless Earpiece – An Indispensable Tool For Many Professions

The most popular application of spy wireless eyepiece is for cheating during exams. It is also frequently found on the ears of the Secret Service while they are guarding the president and other foreign dignitaries. It is also an indispensable device for movie and stage actors who cannot find enough time to memorize their lines.

A new ear-in gadget that looks like the spy wireless earpiece claims to be able to translate speech similar to the Babel Fish in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or the Universal Translator used in Star Trek. The system that has been named Pilot will be sold for $249 once it is introduced to the global market. Pilot is composed of two earpieces which will be worn by each person during a conversation. The persons who are in the process of communicating do not understand the language of one another.

The first ever smart earpiece that has the capability to translate between two languages was displayed at the recent Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona. Waverly, the company behind the earpieces said that the wearable makes use of translation technology that allows people to speak different languages but still be understoodby one by another. The five languages that are supported by the technology include English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Other languages will be added at a later date.

During the conversation it is not compulsory to wear both earpieces because there is a Smartphone app that can be used on speaker mode. The conversation occurs simultaneously as if both persons speak the same language.

According to Waverly, the first generation earpiece will not translate everything that is happening around you. It limits translations to the individuals who are wearing the Pilot earpiece. Perhaps, in the future, further innovations will allow translation of everything around you.

The spy wireless earpiece set includes Bluetooth and MP3 transmitters including several other micro earpieces. The earpiece also works efficiently with a Smartphone that has been installed with Bluetooth. The wireless earpiece ensures crystal clear audibility. If you are avoiding attention, opt for the beige colored earpiece that is absolutely invisible when placed in your ear.

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