Stereotyping, A Current Problem For Tradespeople

There have been a number of incidents wherein scammers posed as tradespeople and this is when consumers started to create a stereotype wherein all tradespeople are not to be trusted. This has been a problem by many start ups in the business because without previous clients, none will be willing to hire them since there is no assurance that they are reliable.

This is the same sentiment expressed by the owner of Pimlico Plumbers, Charlie Mullins who expressed that the general public has come to stereotype all tradespeople. When they hear the words plumber or electrician, they think about a scruffy person who is late for work and intends to rip them of their hard-earned money.

This is not a problem for established local plumbing companies such as Plumb4You Welling because they have already amassed a number of clients that can vouch for their work.

The stereotype is true, though, according to statistics. It was shown that nine for every consumer are afraid to hire tradespeople because they might end up with a bodge project or an unbelievable bill.

Mullins said that the perception of homeowners have changed over the years and now they are viewed as dirty, scammers, late for work, hiding something and never gets the job done. This is hard to change because of the number of incidents happening recently due to unprofessional workers or scammers that pretend to be tradespeople.

More and more companies are now doing everything professionally in order to change the perception of homeowners. Take for example plumber, they are now coming to work on time and wears a clean, uniform. They come in with a nice van that shows off the company where they are working to be transparent and they get the job done before leaving the client’s house. They know that they should be presentable when coming to someone else’s house.

Many tradesmen are quite taken aback by the harsh stereotype but companies such as Plumb4You Welling are changing these perceptions one day at a time. A recent survey revealed how tradespeople are willing to help those who are in need especially the elderly. More than 80 per cent were found to give free work in a regular basis while 70 per cent admitted that they have helped an elderly in need.

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