Super Tutors Increasing In Number In Singapore

Tyle Tan is one of the students enrolled in a tuition agency located in the upmarket district of Bukit Timah. According to the 18 year old, he is not performing his best in school and he finds it hard to follow the system of the school as well as the notes provided. He admitted that having Asian parents created a desire in him to be competitive and they are the ones who recommended for him to take classes with a tutor. He thought it would be best for him thus, he agreed with their suggestion.

Tan has been enrolled in tuition classes for the last two years and he is just months away from taking one of his most crucial exams in school. He is hoping to be able to enroll of the top universities in Singapore and study law. He understands that in order for him to be considered, he must be able to have straight A grades.

He said that as the exam is coming near, it is harder for him to maintain his social life because he is spending most of his time studying. He admitted that he is currently pressured along with everyone else who is hoping to perform well during the exams.

JC Economics is the tuition agency where Tan is currently and it was founded by Anthony Fok. He is one of the most popular individual when it comes to the private tuitions industry in Singapore. His agency started operating three years ago as a one-man team and currently, it is earning over $1 million every year.

MrFok shared that the $1 million is the agency’s total revenue each year. He started in 2013 and during that time, he only has three or four students enrolled. The class size is very small and the students are close to him on a personal level. Because of word of mouth, his class grew and he is now teaching between 200 and 300 students every year.

Fok is included in a group of tutors referred to by the Singaporeans as super tutors. A tutor like him will be charging top dollars in exchange for his students getting top grades. Parents are willing to pay his fees because they wanted their children to excel in the country where the education system is very competitive.

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