Sustainable Foods Summit Comes To Asia: Time ToVisit Lotus House Today

Food, whether it’s vegetables, meat or even dairy products, is probably the only thing that we humans cannot live without aside from the oxygen that enables us to breathe and function properly. You see, food is what we intake on a regular basis not just to fill our stomach but also to be able to get the essential vitamins, minerals and other healthy enzymes  which have different purposes that are helpful to sustain the overall functionality of the parts of the human body. Without the presence of healthy and delicious food, how can we even possibly last a day? We need healthy food to live and survive this adventure that is called life. We need to eat healthy food to be able to perform our everyday duties especially when we are working to be able provide for your personal needs as well as the needs of your family. Nowadays, organic products, including the ones you will see if you visit Lotus House today, are currently making ground, swiftly gaining popularity especially among those who are crazily conscious about what they eat on a daily basis.

Recently, Ecovia Intelligence or formerly known as the Organic Monitor, has announced that it’s taking the Sustainable Foods Summit to Asia. The Asia-Pacific edition of the said summit will hone in on the potentiality of the organic food market like the ones you can readily purchase if you decide to visit Lotus House today, food fraud and authenticity, sustainability of ingredients and, the best practices in food marketing. This summit will be the first of its kind in Asia which is scheduled to take place in Singapore on November 28 to 30 of this year.  One of the main things which the summit will focus on is the use of eco labels and also to encourage stronger sustainability in the food industry especially in the long run. The Asia Pacific region is among those regions where food security is a big problem so the summit is said to begin with updating the industry on continuous sustainability developments, the connection of agriculture and food production to many of the environmental and social issues that the rest of the world is facing and most importantly, the important role Asian food and ingredient firms must play to ensure that food security and sustainability is achieved.

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