Teens Who Have Eating Disorders: 80% Don’t Seek Treatment From Eating Disorder Psychologist In Melbourne

Excessive dieting is bad to our health. Eating too much than what our body needs is equally harmful to our health. If you are experiencing any of the two problems that are mentioned, it could mean that you are suffering from any of the known eating disorders of today. Excessive dieting is connected to having Drunkorexia while your unhealthy obsessions towards healthy food, pure food as some may label them, is connected to one having Orthorexia. To begin with, food is among the most important things that both humans and animals need in life to survive. Healthy consumption of the right amount of food helps us stay healthy, be energetic enough to different chores on a daily basis. Now, recent study has shown that eating disorders are getting more and more common. In fact, 20 million women and 10 million men in the United States alone, have endured eating disorders at some point in their lives. And mind you, not all of them are fond of seeking treatment form experts, especially from an eating disorder psychologist in Melbourne due to various reasons. And that’s alarming because these eating disorder psychologists are there to help patients by the means of therapy sessions or medications to slowly deal with those disorders.

Additionally, from the combined 30 million people in the US alone who have suffered from eating disorders, more than ½ of the teenage women and 1/3 of the teenage men are now showing symptoms of possible development of these disorders and yet, from that number, 80% of them do not see eating disorder psychologist in Melbourne and in other cities in the world to seek proper treatments. To put it in a better picture to explain this, there are 5 teens who are confirmed to have been suffering from eating disorders. Only 1 out of those 5 teenagers is seeking treatment. One of the possible explanations for this that most of the teenagers today don’t know that they are already suffering eating disorders because they believe in the thought that their eating habits are normal due to the popularity of various diet trends and the culture of “clean eating”.

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