Thailand Gov’t To Revamp Chao Phraya Riverbank

For those looking for real estate near the Chao Phraya river, such as a single house Pinklao, the surrounding area will be busy for a while, as the Thailand local government works on revamping the river’s banks with the development of a new 7km walking and bicycle lane.

The development starts at north of the Chao Phraya, by the foot of the Rama VII Bridge, around the O-Yua River Terrace restaurant, then continues southward on both sides of the Chao Phraya’s banks for 7 kilometres, stopping at the Phra Pinklao Bridge. The construction for this new project is began August of 2017.

This development measures at a width equivalent to that of a three-lane road, and is set to pass through the PhraAthit area, where many corporate headquarters belonging to international organizations, such as UNICEF, are found. The walking lane is elevated by stilts, built on concrete platforms, and will be noticeable, since they poke out 10m on each side of the river.

The government believes this new promenade project will improve accessibility for the Chao Phraya riverbanks, as well as improving the area’s aesthetics.

The first phase of the titled ‘Chao Phraya Riverside Project’, headed by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA),  involves the uprooting of some communities located along the Chao Phraya riverbanks, including Mitrakam, located in Bangkok’s old district. For those looking for a single house Pinklao, the changes are worth taking note of. The demolition of the first 14 communities ended last July.

The project has already faced several  failed attempts by prior administrations, with Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha being the first to actually get the project in motion, in spite of the opposition towards the idea.

There have been some criticism of the project, due to the relocations necessary, with some critics saying that the location of the development is too far from the city’s primary attractions, as well as the large hotels and restaurants. Additional criticism includes poor planning for the project, as well as a lack of consultation.

A few businesses that will be affected by the new construction, including the O-Yua River Terrace restaurant, pointed out that the construction is problematic due in no small part to the fact that it intrudes into the river, narrowing it, which is an issue for both boats and real estate owners in the surrounding area.

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