The Battle Between Roller Blinds And Roman Shades

Window treatments is the most often overlooked aspect of a house, it does not matter if you are preparing your new home or just remodelling your current one. Your list of priorities may include window treatments and it is usually found at the bottom of the list. When it comes to choosing the right one, the task can be quite daunting thus, you keep on postponing. There are many factors to consider such as the style, patterns, materials and colours.

While looking for the best option for a window treatment, you might find that the most widely used types are roller blinds and Roman shades. If you are looking for elegance as well as a rich look, Roman drapes will be able to deliver just like drapes but the downside is that it has layers that can accommodate debris and dust. The roller blinds from rods and blinds in Auckland, on the other hand, are a practical solution but it does not offer the same elegance as a Roman shade.

Expert designers shared their opinions regarding the matter. Sasha Bikoff talks about Roman shades. It is the next best thing when drapes are not possible. This is when window sizes are too small or windows are not floor to ceiling in height. Roman shades are not only seamless but also simple. You can choose a colour that will make the shade blend in with the entire room.

According to Curious Yellow Design’s Anna Cappelen, the roller blinds have the tendency to keep the room warm. It’s the same as having another textured layer that wallpaper offers but this time it is found in your windows. The good news is that size customization is rarely needed because there are many sizes available in the market and there are a number of options of roller blinds from rods and blinds in Auckland. It is not only practical but also, it can bring a room together and it does not harbour dirt as fast as Roman shades. Aside from function, roller blinds also act as a decoration for rooms located in high-rise buildings.

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