The Crazy Phenomenon of Mukbangers

YouTube star Nicholas P. or Nikocado Avocado is preparing to eat an epic breakfast with an entire package of bacon sizzling on the electric griddle. Once the bacon is cooked, it is removed from the warm griddle so that Nikocado can dump two bags of Nacho Cheese Doritos. He is not yet finished because off-camera, Nikocado grabs a pan of noodles that has been drenched with homemade cheese sauce before eating begins.

Thousands of YouTube viewers are sharing the experience. However, Nikocado’s YouTube channel is only one of the hundreds mukbang-dedicated accounts that appeared on YouTube recently. Nikocado Avocado is one of those “mukbangers” or host of a pre-recorded eating show. The videos which initially originated from South Korea in the mid-2000 show massive calorie spreads where broadcasters themselves eat giant portions of top quality beef, vegetables and more.

In most instances, the mukbangers film the videos in their own kitchen and use an electric griddle to cook several containers of delivered food.  Sometimes, the mukbanger will go to real restaurants to film a video. Recently, Nikocado Avocado filmed a video in Applebee and Chick-fil-A. Other mukbangers have filmed themselves eating inside a car after hitting a drive-thru at Taco Bell or Sonic Drive-In.

Yes,mukbang has become a very hot YouTube trend but not for fetish-related reasons. Dining is inherently social and humans have the natural desire to dine with good company. A lot of people are working and they call for delivery to satisfy furtive binges. Sometimes, they are lonely and alone and want some company.

In South Korea, millions watch their favorite mukbang hosts eat thousands of calories in one sitting. Mukbang became a cultural phenomenon that delivered thousands of dollars per night for the mukbangers from advertising revenues, donations from viewers and sponsorships. Mukbang was virtually unknown in the US but now it has amassed an audience that is interested to watch strangers while they eat.

You do not have to be a mukbanger to enjoy an electric griddle. If you will grab an electric griddle, you will spend less time cooking and cleaning. During the weekend, you can use the electric griddle to make big breakfasts for the family.

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