The Good Side Of Phuket

You have never been to Phuket and planning to take a vacation soon, you might have tried using Google to learn more about the place one way or another. As soon as you enter the words Phuket tropical island on the search engine, you might be overwhelmed with the number of articles about the place. Phuket is known as a tourist destination in Thailand. It has a lot to offer from tourists who are backpacking to visitors with billions in their pockets. There is a lot of luxurious exclusive resort in Phuket that promises high-tech facilities. There are also a huge number of suite accommodations for those who can afford it and spas that are located in the most serene areas.

If you are travelling on a budget, fret not as there is something for you too. There are rustic huts you can rent for 1,000 baht a night as well as campsites that will only cost 300 baht for two guests. You can choose to dine in stylish eateries or if you are planning to spend only 100 baht for a meal then you might enjoy the famous pad Thai together with banana pancakes sold by street vendors. When it comes to shopping, you have the option to go to an air-conditioned mall or buy cheap items at the night market along with affordable food stalls.

Phuket is known internationally and it has seen a number of international superstars who stayed on the island. It was known that Beyonce together with his partner Jay Z has spent their vacation in Phuket as well as the Kardashians. It was only recently when Rihanna performed on Patong Beach for her concert. Phuket is not only known to tourists but there are many locals and foreign investors who decided to purchase a vacation home on the island.

You can visit the Pearl of Andaman and see scenic vistas, waterfalls, beaches as well as temples. If you want a quite escape from your exclusive resort in Phuket, you can visit the Radar Hill for an awesome view. For those who are planning to enjoy the beach side, book a jet ski or learn how to scuba dive with a professional coach.

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