The Importance Of Environmental Sustainability In Packaging Products

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Paper Mart takes pride in offering that largest selection of packaging products that can be used for different applications. Most of the packaging materials are paper-based to address the demands for environmental sustainability. Paper-based packaging products are versatile, flexible and they can be customized to meet unique consumer requirements.

The most common packaging material used for spring water is plastic bottles however, there are many concerns regarding it sustainability, shelf life and product protection. All these issues are addressed by packaging that includes all the best features of paper-based cartons and conventional bottles – the Tetra carton bottle from Tetra Pak.

Just Water carton bottles are made from 53% paper that is sourced from managed forests that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and the Rainforest Alliance. The single-serve water package is best identified by its square footprint and round screw cap. The closure and molded neck is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) but the container body is made from a six layer material that incorporates paper, low density polyethylene and aluminum.

Consumers can easily recycle the paper-based container as long as the community has carton recycling. The tetra top packaging does not have to be disassembled to be recycled in the United States. The tetra top is also designed to reduce its environmental impact. Consumers will love the sleek design that can easily fit into a cup –holder. It offers the functionality and convenience of a bottle that has the environmental profile of a carton.

The way that the paper-based container is printed makes it standout in the shelves. The fully printable body allows customization and a wraparound billboard effect. A design is first applied to paper before it is laminated through Tetra Pak Flexo Process flexographic printing process. The result is photographic quality printing making use of fresh colors.

Protecting the flavor and quality of the product is the major objective of Tetra Pak. The company makes sure that the paper-based container has no unwanted bacteria, chemicals or unsafe ingredients. The contents are protected hygienically in order to preserve quality and nutritional values. The non-transparent packaging also blocks ultra-violet rays from reaching the beverage to protect its overall quality.

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