The Importance Of Stringent Bio-Security Measures In New Zealand

Somewhere in world, a new pest invasion is happening, something that should have been resolved years ago. According to a group of international scientists, the increase in the number pests is linked to human activities including the expansion of agriculture, horticulture and global trade.

Professor Philip Hulme of plant bio-security at Lincoln University’s Bio-Protection Centre, was dismayed to discover the increasing number of invasive species over the past 200 years without any signs of slowing down. He is disappointed because bio-security is a priority in New Zealand. While New Zealand seems to be doing better than other countries, Professor Hulme is worried about the future.

In the 1990’s there was an attempt to have international regulations that would prevent and limit the spread of pests more particularly agricultural pests. Scientists were hoping the regulations will make a big difference. However, it looks like it only made a marginal impact. This means more measures at resolving an issue that should have been solved 20 years ago.

While the new species can boost diversity in a specific area, they are can also be dangerous to the native ecosystem, economy, environment and human health. In some cases, the new species can bring about the extinction of some native species.

Tourism is also considered as a huge driver of new pests because pests can be moved around through luggage. There is no real management of tourism on a global scale and airlines, tour operators and others directly involved in tourism are unconcerned with bio-security issues.

No matter how much New Zealand invests in bio-security, if their trade partners don’t do the same, risks will not be eliminated. New Zealand is very vigilant about securing its borders with robust and stringent bio-security policies because of its economic dependence on agriculture. With increasing globalization, pest invasions must be substantially reduced.

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