The Trends That Reshape The Industry Of Digital Advertising

People will know that an advertisement is effective when they see one but getting that particular advertisement to your target market at the right time is another art in itself. As the years go by, innovations are also emerging rendering the old way of doing things obsolete and opening new opportunities to reach your target market.

Some of the essential questions to consider when doing digital today are as follows: Where will the audience listen? What are the contents that will catch their attention? How will your company reach them? You need to understand that if you are not into digital advertising, you should enlist the help of professionals in order to get your business noticed in the online world. Oliver Wood Perth in WA can provide you with solutions in this matter. He is one of the hundreds of digital artists in the industry. As an expert in digital advertising, he provides with services in the various aspects of your online advertisement campaign.

In order to have a further grasp of the growing digital advertising industry, here are some trends that are shaping the industry.

  • Mobile video advertising. Over the years, mobile video consumption is reportedly to be growing on such a rapid pace. This avenue of advertising provides publishers with a unique way to reach their consumers. Between the years 2012 and 2013, the tablet and smartphone video consumption grew by a dramatic 400 percent and recently accounts for an overall 30 percent of all the online videos viewed. This particular trend has been assisted by the expansion of the LTE coverage. The increasing importance that consumers see on mobile phones has also helped in the boom in the advertising industry. As more of these gadgets penetrate the market, this will turn into increasing profit for advertising agencies.

Viewable impressions. Before, the digital advertisers were very much susceptible to fraudulent tactics. A lot of business owners paid for bottom of the page advertisements where no one even scrolled down to see. The so-called “click fraud” became a huge risk. Some people thought that they could run down their competition be creating automated programs that automatically clicked these advertisements. This dirty tactic became widespread in that bot traffic have caused the advertising industry as much as $11 billion last year.

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