Top Designers To Look For During The Swim Week In Miami

It was two months ago that the Miami Fashion Week was held but the community of Miami which is obviously hungry for more styles are already holding their breath as the most iconic fashion event is coming back in the city. The event is none other than the Miami Swim Week and it will showcase swim suit designs that many women in Miami are dying to get their hands on including the surf swimwear women for those who are into surfing.

Here are the top designers that one should look out for during the event on the runway or if you failed to get an invitation then you can hunt for their pieces in boutiques as they are released.

  • The first one is Revel Rey which is known to combine art with fashion because of her one-of-a-kind handmade prints. The line is called Revel Rey Swimwear and it is favoured by those women in Miami who are in love with the boho theme. The designer of Revel Rey is Aubrey Swanson and she got her inspiration for her designs after she visited places such as Maui and Bora Bora.
  • Lolli Swim is another line to watch out for by designer Vy Nguyen who is a native of Southern California. Her designs are mostly playful and the colour shades are dominated by candy pastel. Her bikinis and one-piece swimwear features a racy design with feminine accents.
  • For Love and Lemons brings you swimsuit designs that are not only super sexy but feminine at the same time. The founders are best friends Laura Kern and Gillian Rose Hall.
  • If you are looking for swimwear with timeless designs you can wear at any season, the line from Hot as Hell is suited for you. This is made by designer Sharleen Enster who focuses in simplicity and creating products that are eco-friendly.
  • If you are an active woman, you would want a swimwear that lets you do what you want without compromising your comfort. The line from Kaohs is especially made for surf swimwear women and those active in sports. The designs are edgy and the swimsuits are all fool proof.

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