Treadmill Hazards Becomes Highlighted Following The Death Of David Goldberg


In the U.S., treadmills are the best selling exercise equipment because of the benefits once can get from constantly using it, particularly with the boost in cardiovascular fitness it offers.

But the recent tragedy that had befallen David Goldberg, the CEO of Survey Monkey, had given light to the hazards of the belt-driven machines that is the treadmill.
Goldberg was reportedly at a resort in Mexico when he died. His death happened on Friday night when he was exercising on treadmill and accidentally slipping, hitting his head on the treadmill.

According to a Mexican state official, the body of David Goldberg was found lying inside a gym at Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita beside a treadmill in a pool of blood. There was also a wound found at the back of his head.

His family members had gone looking for him when he left their room at 4:00 pm but never returned. Hypovolemic shock and a severe trauma sustained by the head following what appeared to be an accident while exercising are the main cause of Goldberg’s death.

When he was found, Goldberg still exhibited signs of life but died in a hospital. During an autopsy, it was found that there were no signs of violence thus marking his death as an accident.

His death has greatly shocked the whole world. More than that, it had also highlighted the risks of treadmills. But nonetheless, treadmills still continue to be the best selling exercise equipment and in fact, about 50 million people use them.

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