UK Rental For One Bed Flats Increase

The rent for one bedroom flats in the United Kingdom increased sharply last month. This sudden increase was sparked by an increase in demand from the recent graduates that are renting near the area and are looking for bedroom flats as they start their first jobs. This is according to the research instigated in the place.

The rents for a single bed saw a yearly increase of about 3.9 percent from 2.9 percent in August. This reached an average of 1,054 pounds. This new index was launched in September. The index was the first one to track the trends in the rental industry of properties in the country. The cities that saw the biggest rises in the rental for one bed flats came from Edinburgh with a rise of about 12 percent, Swindon up by 11 percent and Southend on Sea increased by 11 percent. The index likewise showed that rents for properties with three beds saw the biggest overall increase in rentals by about 4.8 percent year on year basis. The figure showed a rental of 1,489 pounds.

Across the property sector, UK saw rents rose by at least 3 percent last year to about 1,288 pounds. This was the first increase since February when the average monthly rent price was at 1,277 pounds.  The sharp increase in the rental growth for single bed flats reflects that there is a buoyant graduate job market where people move in after they graduate and land their first job. Flexibility as well as freedom is the order for first jobbers and the one bedroom flats usually offer a very prefect shipboard in taking the plunge from a student life to a full-fledged working professional. The single bed flats also offer the perfect place for couples and young professionals who do not want to share a flat.

This upward trend experienced in the UK rental industry can be explained with the increase of job opportunities. The job market in the country is strengthening and the rental market as well is staying hot on its heels. Not only the rental market benefits from this but wall and ceiling providers like Crisp Contracts Limited as well.

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