What Thailand Can Teach The World About Best Health Insurance In Thailand

A thorough research system with dedicated leadership can enhance one’s health affordably. In a span of 10 years, the plan minimized infant death rate, reduced worker sick days and brightened financial burdens of families.

Countries have engaged in healthcare insurance, which include best health insurance in Thailand; and a handful of people are now covered by universal health schemes. There’s plenty to learn from all these countries. Just consider Thailand, where it successfully implanted the best healthcare without breaking the bank.

In 2000, about one-fourth ofits population were uninsured, and there are those who own policies with incomplete protection. The outcome – the country had a healthcare crisis. Around 17,000 children aged five and below died that year, two-thirds of them suffered preventable infectious diseases. At least 20% among the poorest in Thailand fell into poverty without spending something for healthcare.

In 2001, the country initiated the Universal Coverage Scheme or UCS. It’spinpointed as one of the best health insurance in Thailand undertaken by a developing country. The UCS was disseminated to all its provinces, where it provided inpatient, outpatient and emergency care, depending on the patient’s need. By 2011, the programme insured around 48-million Thais, or around 98% of the overall population.

Things turned out well with the UCS, including a broad reach and continuous support system. Reformists from the 2001 election’s winning party, Thai Rak Thai, have done many things to the programme. As mentioned by a program policy director Dr.SuwitWibulpolprasert, leaders of Thailand supported the UCS and it needed to spread wide quickly. He says that the challenge was to enforce it fast; and it couldn’t have been done faster after 10 years due to huge political pressure.

In January 2002, the UCS was enforced in every province, but the level of extensive care had taken 10 years later to develop. Since the 1970s, the best health insurance in Thailand had been available to the poor; however, the country had various ranges of health insurance schemes which left many without coverage. It took them years to develop hospitals, clinics and trained staff.

Once Thailand developed its healthcare infrastructures, the government paid the medical services, including salaries of the workers. Unlike before when patients had to pay the medical feesto doctors.

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