What You Should Know Before You Travel To Cuba

The 5 star hotels in Cuba are different from the 5 star hotel in Sathorn, Thailand and the luxury hotel in the United States. While the difference is not necessarily a bad thing, it is important to travel to Cuba with a bit of preparation so that you will enjoy yourself and gain a new sense of understanding about Cuba and its people.

Hotel rooms in Cuba are quite expensive and most of the time, they are fully booked because there is more demand from travellers than the availability of hotel rooms. However, once you have booked for accommodations, do not expect their 5-star hotel to be the same to what you will experience in the United States. Even Cuba’s best hotels like Parque Central and Hotel Nacional de Cuba that have been recently remodelled look like a throwback from the 70’s.

Depending on the season, 5-star hotel accommodation can cost you more than $300 per night. Generally, hotels offer free Wi-Fi but it can only be accessed from the hotel lobby. In some instances, the hotel rooms are dark and with furniture from your grandmother’s generation but you should understand that the hotels are working on limited resources. They have to make the most from whatever is available. On the other hand, even in Europe, 5-star hotels are usually the equivalent of 3-star hotels in the US.

Surprisingly, there is Airbnb in Cuba but it owned by wealthy Cubans. The rates are definitely lower than what you will be pay in the US and the rooms have that Cuban charm. In fact, Cuba is the fastest growing market of Airbnb so that there are plenty of inventories to select from. For $132 a night, you can enjoy a charming apartment with 3 bedrooms and a private bath.

A better option is to spend the summer in Thailand, where a room at 5 star hotel in Sothornclosely resembles what you are used to in the Western world. Most of the indulgent suites have been graced by royalty and celebrities. There are suites with their own private balcony overlooking the cityscape of Bangkok.

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