When Should You Move A Tree And How?

When Should You Move A Tree And How

There are numerous reasons why you should move a tree. Trees can become quite big and if you plant them near your house, they would become a problem once they are overgrown. If you plant them near power lines, your tree would be likely cut down by your local power services so it would be to move them while you still can. Also, when you are planning to conduct a renovation on your property where you would need to move your tree because you plan to place something in its current position. Whether you are moving, or planning a renovation, it is important that when you move your tree, you would know when and how it should be done.

In a sit-down with Mark Tremain of Ark Fencing and Tree Work, he had shared a few helpful tips on how one could effectively move a tree. According to him, one should do the following:

  1. Gather everything you would need. From shovels to tarps or even watering hoses, it is important that you have everything ready so that you don’t get inconvenienced when you start the tree moving processs.
  2. Proper timing is critical. The best time to move a tree is spring and if you can’t do that in that season, then fall would be your next opportunity. Summers are the worst time to move a tree because the heat can greatly stress the plant.
  3. Choose a location. Pick a location that is beneficial for the tree, where there is sufficient sunlight, water and the right type of soil.
  4. Dig a new hole. When you dig a hole for your tree, make sure that it is twice as big as the rootball.
  5. Dig the tree with care. It is important that you dig up the tree very carefully. Make sure to start digging 3 feet away from the trunk. Once you are done digging, carefully place the tree on the tarp.
  6. Replant the tree. Drag the tarp containing the tree over the new hole and let it gently slide. Use the shovel to move the dug up soil back in the hole.
  7. Monitor the tree. You should water the tree as frequently as possible. The roots would have to grow back and establish a new root system.

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