Why Dangerous Tyres Must Be Taken Off The Road

Questions are being raised on why only a few people are being hit with penalty points for driving a vehicle with dangerous tyres. To think that 28,000 drivers were caught using a phone while driving last year. Only 853 penalty point notices were issued to those driving with lethal tyres since May 2016.

Last May, worn, damaged and dangerous tyres were added to the offenses to the penalty point list. Two penalty points with a fixed charge of €80 will be invoked for driving with defective or worn out tyres. People are curious whether there is low detection rate that is why many drivers are getting away with dangerous tyres. The concern is based on the high proportion of lethally dangerous tyres found by a detailed nationwide study of old tyres that have been replaced with new ones.

On the basis of the nationwide study, the numbers being caught for penalty points should have been higher. In a statement, Tom Dennigan of Continental Tyres Ireland said that the company welcomes the introduction of the tyre safety penalty point system so that bad tyres can be kept off the streets. However, they are also disappointed with the extremely low level of enforcement.

Tyres are the only component of a vehicle that touches the ground and the importance of their overall road safety must never be underestimated. By their own analysis of tire replacements at depots around the country, it shows that vehicles running on dangerous tyres are extremely common. It was expected that that number of tyre-related penalty point notices should have been higher than what was recorded.

As part of their global initiative to reduce road accidents, Continental has made an analysis of tyres and found out that faults on tyres are immediately apparent. The best way to tackle the problem is stringent enforcement of the new regulation.

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