Why Hobart Opposes The Construction Of A High Rise Hotel

If you will drive into Hobart from the airport or down the Brooker Highway through Newton, you will immediately notice the absence of high rise buildings and landmarks in the downtown area. Now, here comes the proposal from a Singaporean group to build a high rise hotel. Of course there will be opposition because Hobart does not like tall buildings.

According to Esse Davis, an entertainer, Fragrance Group’s high rise hotels will establish a precedent for more tall towers which will ruin Hobart. For a start, Hobart can impose height limits on buildings because in today’s era there is a need to reduce greenhouse footprints. However, this is a matter of design and architectural excellence.

Fragrance Group’s proposal might not be to everyone’s taste but the idea of a high rise structure in Hobart’s downtown area must evoke excitement. The topography of Hobart and its favourable position between the mountains and water allows buildings of various heights. It is place where there are many opportunities for smart and environmentally friendly architectural design.

According to Richard Florida, skyscrapers can be good if done in moderation because they contribute to the vital mix of large cities. The ultimate goal here is to achieve the kind of density and mix on building heights to fuel urban creativity and power innovation.

Emily Badger who is a prominent US urban design writer said that tall buildings can be an important part of a community to ease congestion. There is no reason for a high rise building to be ugly. One example is London that used to be characterized by low buildings. Now it is has turned into a brilliantly conceived landmark. As a community it is important for Hobart to ensure that there is an open mind to building heights because it can create landmarks and new neighbourhoods.

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