Why Households In Hong Kong Need To Understand The Importance Of Filters


The process of filtration makes use of filter media to ensure that municipalities are provided with clean and safe drinking water that will comply with all state regulations. Filter media is also effective at removing pollutants from storm water in the form of suspended solids and phosphorus. Sand is one of the most common types of filter media used but there are other organic materials like wood chips and leaf molds that are also effective.

In Hong Kong, it was found out that in three more public housing estates there is an excessive level of lead in their tap water. It was estimated that more than 4,500 new families will be affected which raises the affected areas to seven.
Of the four main contractors who are responsible for plumbing across these estates, China State Construction Engineering and Shui On Building Contractors have agreed with the Housing Authority to put NSF 53 certified water filters for each of the households affected. However, this is only a temporary solution to put the minds of the residents at ease.

NSF 53 certified water filters for lead reduction are tested to ensure that they can actually reduce the level of lead from 0.15mg/L to 0.010mg/L or lower. The filters are also tested beyond the manufacturer’s recommended assurance to ensure that they will function effectively. Most of the water filters that have been certified by NSF for lead reduction are made from a combination of activated carbon and special metal absorbents. The filters have the ability to treat particles of lead in water through their pores that are too tiny to allow the lead particles to pass through.

If a consumer makes use of a water filter that has not been certified by NSF, it means they have confidence on the claims of the manufacturer. However, they have no way of verifying whether the claims are accurate. If the water filter is certified by NSF, the consumer is provided with the assurance that the product was tested through a credible organization. However, no matter what type of filter is used by a consumer, it is important to be replaced on a regular basis according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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