Why Is UX Important To SEO And Web Design?

An exemplary SEO topped with a simple Web design – this was the eminent strategy back in the days where companies were able to climb the ladder of search engines even without the prowess of a great web design. This lead to a lesser quality in user experience. Due to this, Google changed various part of its algorithms and now, it has put in top priority, the UX or user experience in a particular site.

SEO keywords were the sole basis of search engine in the past, but as UX became part of the search engine’s algorithm, Web design have become more and more user-friendly. This also became the rise of other companies that could balance everything. One of the companies that possess this power of harmoniously bringing Web design, SEO and UX altogether, is the Australian SEO company of Oliver Wood.

One of the recent algorithm change in Google was the dubbed phenomenon, ‘Mobilegeddon’ which practically increased the user experience when it comes to mobile devices. We can now see that UX has really become a great aspect in search engine optimization, however, why is this the case?

The first reason why google placed UX as part of critera of SEO is the Loading speed of the page. Many users tend to leave the website immediately if the site doesn’t load quickly. This made it a key factor in SEO which results to a sited to not appear in searches if its web design slows it down.

The second reason is – for the user to entertain a site, they should have a mix of great content with an appropriate web design. Keyword spamming and many more climbed the search engines in the past, but now it won’t. This completes the optimization package and it will definitely give users a better experience which will further result in your company, climbing the ladder of search engine.

Without putting a great amount of consideration to UX, your site would definitely be left out in the search engine which will evidently result in risking your whole business. Companies like Oliver Wood, Web SEO Master and many more will help you achieve this feat and surely, you’ll be able to get yourself known in the net in no time at all.

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