Why The Insurance Industry Is A Model For Other Brands

Advertisers are currently challenged by millennials when it comes to engaging them in their marketing campaigns since they are always connected. This is why many have recognized that innovative and engaging power of the insurance marketing campaigns that are designed to catch the attention of millennials. An expert from the industry, vice president and industry lead of finance and Yahoo.com, John Piontkowski, shared how other brands can learn from the insurance industry when it comes to reaching this group of audience.

It has been said that millennials have different ways when it comes to brand engagement. A trait that is different from two other generations – baby boomers and gen xers. According to Piontkowski, millennials are the very first consumers of digital technology. This is what makes then different from the other two generations. They are constantly connected and able to consume contents in different gadgets they are using. They do almost everything on their mobile phones such as watching live events and searching for tips when looking for insurance. Brands can take advantage of this opportunity to get in touch with the millennials through their mobile phones.

It is important to keep in mind that contents published should be relevant, authentic as well as optimized for them to view using their mobile devices. Millennials are also known for watching videos online because of the access they have and it is convenient to do so wherever they may be. This is why insurance marketing campaigns make use of video marketing as a strategy to catch their attention.

It only entails that brands should focus more on their digital advertising in order to become relevant and for them to engage with millennials. They can publish more videos, and invest in search adsor do both. It is important for brands to recognize that millennials are very receptive when it comes to advertising that is done digitally. This is the reason why insurance brands have been improving their marketing efforts and are being creative when it comes to their marketing that is based on data about their target audience. Insurance marketing campaigns done digitally should be optimized so that millennials will be able to view them across different devices whether it’s a personal computer, tablet or a mobile phone.

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